Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheat One Hit Kill With Dark Set | Ninja Saga

      Cheat Ninja Saga New One Hit Kill Upadte By. Purnama Yasa. You can use Dark Set Edited this 
Cheat Working 100%, you can Have 900K demage (Weapon Sai Minori) Lets Try,..

Equipments :

Totorial to Hack :

1. Drag Swf File
2. Clear Chache
3. Go to Ninja Saga
4. Equpt Kunai ( Weapon Sai Minori )
5. Equipt Newbie Costume Male (Dark Set Cloth)
6. Equipt Straw Hat ( Back Ite "Decorative Rope" )
7. Use the Weapon, Every Battle  ,.. (900K Demage ) 
8. Enjoy This Hack
NB: This Cheat Working 100%, ( Not Savebale) don't compile any more !! TQ
Credits: Purnama Yasa

Totorial Vidio Watch this :

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  1. were can i find all the items needed??plss write wat page..tnx

  2. hahaha! noob xd.....Edited Clothes From Special Tensei Costume :p....

  3. have any token hack ? or ninja emblem ?

  4. Hack doesn't work at this year's (2011) Halloween...

  5. bodo babi je .. !
    aku dah try tak de ape pon .. noob

  6. hampa xqeti buat mangkok


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