Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Make Easy Ninja Saga Trainer [Hack Tool]

Ok, Bro My Video already uploaded. Now i'll share about how to make Simple Trainer or Hack Tool Ninja Saga using CE, My Project: Ninja Saga Trainer V1.0, the download link is above, You also can try download My Own Browser "Siky Net Browser" for Free. That browser can help you for easy finding adress. In this case i'm using CE version 5.6, Ok let's go to !

Step :
  1. Download My Browser >> Install it
  2. Run CE V5.6
  3. Type adress in My browser. Ex: >> then Enter
  4. Login to facebook, and Open Ninja Saga
  5. Going to Use Cheat Stats/Atribute Point Hack
  6. Scan your Gold, after you get 1 adress, double click it
  7. You must Have pointer adress "pointer scan result" to make it Working for all PC
    Right click adress in Cheat Table >> Pointer scan for this adress
  8. After you get the pointer adress, click 5 times
  9. Change adress "70" to :
    9C = Fire
    A0 = Water
    AC = Lighting
    A8 = Earth
    A4 = Wind
  10. After that, go to My Chanel, and watch the Tutorial !
  11. You also can make Advance Trainer / Hack tool using Visual Basic
Watch HD Video on Youtube (click here)

Download Siky Net Browser [Mediafire]

Download CE Version 5.6 [Direct Official Link]

Download My Project: Ninja Saga Trainer V1.0 [4Shared]

Credit: Siky Hackerz

NB: Please don't abuse this tutorials, Its Just a lesson for Newbie Cheater, Enjoy !

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  1. Replies
    1. no way i change the pass said siky hackerz

    2. Doesnt worked i should get out your team and its me joel

  2. ninja saga trainer v1.0 udah kedelet sama 4 shared. gimana nih ?

  3. the file is deleted, please re upload it..

  4. Coba Dari Awal Tutorial nya supaya mudah

  5. the file is deleted, please re upload it.... please new link like mediafire

  6. Replies
    1. Start, CP, Unistall a Program, Select.. Uninstall

  7. how do i scan until the "pointer scan result" comes out?

  8. Full tutorial for using CE for scan please thanks.

  9. download maximum reached ??
    downloadnya gimana ?

  10. erm kenape ta bole download da?da delete ke?maa ye sbb baru n try cheat yg admin kasi nie..

  11. admin buat balik tool tip beginner nie..bole ta?


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