Thursday, December 1, 2011

Instan All Mission Special Jounin V2 Tensai [Hard Mode]

Sorry Guys, beecause I didn't update cheat Ninja Saga previously. I received a Request II rom My friend, because his Special Jounin Exam is still uncomplete. Now I'll update : Cheat Insatn All Mission Special Jounin V2 Tensai Hard Mode. With this cheat you can get rewards Speccial Jounin Hard Mode: Special Tensai (Sparkling Tensai), Class Jutsu, Special Jutsu, and Clothes . This Cheat New Working at December, 1  2011

Equipment :
Totorials :
  1. Download Swf File [in Mediafire]
  2. Change the password to download
  3. If you finish. Go to Ninja Saga
  4. Open Fiddler 
  5. AutoResponder tab >> Check list  "Enable automatic responses" and
  6. Check list "Unmatched requests passthrough"
  7. Drag all Swf File in to table AutoResponder
  8. Clear chache
  9. Go to Talent Shop, and finish all mission !
  10. Have fun .. ,
Featured :
  • Insatn All Special Jounin Mission
  • Claim Special Tensai Hard Mode (Sparkling Tensai)
  • Claim Special Jounin Class Jutsu
  • Claim Special Jounin Clothes
  • Claim Special Kinjutsu : Five Elements
See The This Vidio in YouTube

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  1. I m lvl 80 Will it work ? and i completed but didnt give any skills :X ihave compleded easy mode :X

  2. I made it but when I was 60 lvl i made Easy mode now i m 80 and didnt give me any rewards :X

  3. why when i go to talent shop there isn't have any hard mode or easy .. still same like talent skill ~

  4. bobo nyu hindi nyu pinakita anng pag dawnload bobo

  5. bobo nyo ayan na nga ang password ""

  6. bobo mo rin gago pede ka nang mamatay tangina mo

  7. @AristionoPassword "Unlock File" :

  8. kok gax work si???videonya jg cpet bnget cra nya

  9. kalian bodoh... aku aja work!!

  10. thx 4 the cheat (",)
    hope u have a token cheat permanent...

  11. @Raynaldi Ibrahim
    Klik aja Link'a [Swf File]
    Downloadnya di Mediafire
    Unlock File:

  12. Thenk's Gan Nanti Sher Chaet Emblem yah gan Fiddler

  13. bikin cheat yg gni lagi donk gan plisssssssss

  14. sumpah ,mantap bnget gan .,
    masih work sampai SEKARANG !!

  15. Doesn't work now :(

  16. mantappzz abbiizzzz gan

  17. thnx po sa mga cheats nyo

  18. will be bann or not??

  19. its just the same to the "All in Shop NsScriptHack.rar" its not special jounin.....pls check.....

  20. hay bro can u make some hack to give u some tokens or make me rest my jutsu plz if u can make one

  21. hi bro thanks for the effort very useful...btw can u make a hack for lvl 70 & 72 instant mission need it badly :)...thanks and more power

  22. whats the pass??

  23. mira esto no sirve por que solo funciona en la tienda y no es para eso te recluta y solo te da puntos tp


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