Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Hit Kill Samehada Sword + Akatsuki Costume

Sorry I can't up-to-date to Share Ninja Saga Hack. Today i'm sharing One Hit Kill Ninja Saga using Samehada Sword (demage: 99999999) + Akatsuki Clothes. I Just Updating this my old hack, Let's go man ):

Tutorial :
  1. Download File
  2. Extrach rar >> set the Password
  3. Open Fiddler 2 >> Select AutoResponder tab (icon lightning)
    Tick:   Enable Automatic Responses
              Unmatched request passthrought
  4. Drag swf file to Auto responder table
  5. Open your browser >> Must Clear Chache
  6. Login to Ninja Saga >>
    Equip Kunai => Samehada Sword (If not have, BUY !)
    Equip Vanilla Sports Tee => Akatsuki Costume (If not have, BUY !)
  7. Now Let's Go Battle, Happy Cheating !

Video Tutorial:

Download Limit ?
"You must Register (here) or Login (herebefore download" !!!

Download Latest Fiddler2 on [Efile]

Download Swf File [Efile Link]

Credit: Siky Hackerz

NB: Male/Female Char can Use this hack, Not Working on PVP !

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  1. dah tak coba and work gan :)
    cheat token buat beli kinjutsu dong gan :P

  2. itu, equip kunai nya, pas dari awal udah equip atau pake yg lain dulu pas udah connect fiddler baru equip?

    1. gimana ja boleh gan, langsung equip juga boleh ...
      tapi kalo ane pake yg laen dulu biar greget :)

  3. Thanks for the hackz :D

    I Love Cheat NS Siky ...

  4. Replies
    1. why, the link still working on me
      ty to register and login on efileuploading,..

  5. gan saya pakai windows 8, kenapa ya kok g work fiddler+cheatnya , g seperti di windows 7.....mohon pencerahannya ya gan :(

    1. widows 8 yah, gimana jelasi'a gw ga punya w8 :p
      yakin widows'a udah istall Netframeword service pack 3.5 dari microsoft ?

  6. hack gold permanent pkeaseeeeeeeee.....siky hackerz

  7. siky hackerz hack token ada tak................................................

  8. Hatur thank you ane work 10000% pas bunuh musuh pake samehada langsung mati
    Sekali lagi hatur thank you siky hackerz


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